10 Essential Tips for New Cyclists Starting Road Bike Riding


You’ve perhaps seen the Tour de France on TV, you’ve gotten the old Raleigh out of the shed – or perhaps gone ahead and gotten a road new bike and resolved to make a go of it – and now you’re faced with setting off on your first ride.  This is great as cycling is among the best ways to exercise, stay healthy, and have fun.

Yet, its also true: cycling on the road can bring with it a number of challenges and ways in which a great ride can come undone.
Rather than encounter these mishaps while you are in the seat, here are 10 tips to ensure you stay safe, ride well, and get the most out of your cycling.… Click to continue reading

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Coding is popular but complex, explain it to me: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Part 1)

From slick Shopify websites to fun iOS and Android apps, to websites that have a gorgeous visual flair and design you’d love your businesses online brand to have – you know coding is how to get it done. Yet, by very virtue of the term ‘coding’ learning to code sounds pretty daunting.

Rather than presenting itself as a straightforward and transactional process just like a college degree where you’ll learn first year subjects, second year subjects, and then go on to learn the harder content in your third (and fourth) years, coding can conjure up mental images of those World War 2 spying, tech gurus sitting in dark basements, and NASA launching rockets into orbit.

Spy ingenuity, workaholic technicians, and space exploration may provide remarkable showings of human ability, but this image of coding can be confronting for a blogger or eCommerce store owner sitting at home and thinking about how they can better build their enterprise.

Accordingly, this often leads to varied answers when asking ‘where do I start coding?’ – And this can be made all the harder by tricky terminology. Let’s point you in the right direction with plain language then. Click to continue reading

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21 Video Games that are Art (Part 2): The Epics

In the earliest decades of video games it was often the case the box art would tell a bigger story than the game. While games like Vanguard and Steel Empire may have been limited in gameplay, their box art told the tales of grand struggles (and also some skilled graphic designers in the lab).

Yet, just the same as some studios were able to create truly epic stories out of merely single digit pixels, so too as technology developed did the potential for games to serve as a genuine vehicle for rich visual storytelling and art. The following 7 are all epics that did this especially well.

PS. Missed Part 1? Quickly, go catch up here before reading on!

Red Dead Redemption

Given the widespread popularity of cowboy movies and stories in pop culture it is somewhat surprising it took until 2010 for a game of such scale and acclaim to depict the world of the Wild West. Nonetheless, RDR proved testament to the old saying ‘good things come to those who wait’ with its tale of former outlaw John Marsden’s pursuit of his old gang.

Doing away with the classic good guy vs bad guy depictions often seen Click to continue reading

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Brexit: 7 Economic Questions now the UK voted to leave the EU


The United Kingdom will soon invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the 2 year process of removing itself from the EU. Here are 7 big questions that are now being pondered in the UK, EU, and around the world.

What sort of new economic deal shall Britain get from the EU?

Once Britain leaves a new trade deal between the UK and Europe will need take the place of its current single market arrangement. While the UK remains a major global economic power – and one that will remain attractive to trade with the EU – the reality is EU leadership does not want to reward a leaver. This means a hard bargain for the UK is coming, the question is just how hard it will be.

What approach will Britain take to global economics?

While the exit from the single market shall pose challenges it shall also allow Britain chance to pursue trade agreements with other nations around the world more freely. In this regard, while trade with Europe shall also remain crucial to the UK, so too must a new approach to trade be sought.

How shall it manage new relationships in a post-1973 Click to continue reading

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Where to buy a first home in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Miami

The West Coast of North America may be the melting pot of the tech scene with San Francisco and Seattle, the entertainment and cultural epicenter with Los Angeles, Portland and Vancouver, but the East still has ample attractions. From the media and finance capital in New York, to the political vitality of Boston, to the history and vibrant culture of Philly, to the lure of South Beach and all the fun in the sun of Miami.

Yet, just the same as the West Coast, buying a first home in these cities can be a real challenge amidst great demand and rising prices. So, where to begin when looking to get onto the East Coast property ladder?

New York


Buying a first home in New York can be a challenge, but some good value areas exist around town. Picture: supplied

Save for San Francisco and the Bay Area, New York is often ranked among the most expensive real estate markets in the US, and the world. Accordingly, buying a fist home here shall always be a challenge, but not one that in insurmountable. Despite its expense, one of the advantages of New York is it is widely recognised as a Click to continue reading

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21 Video Games that are Art (Part 1)

As of 2016, the value of the gaming industry is almost 2 trillion globally. Further, while a generation or two ago games may have been regarded largely as the domain of young kids spending their summer nerding up, playing a Game Boy at the back of the bus – or even challenging someone (anyone!) to beat their high score at Donkey Kong in the arcade – with the 18-35 year old demographic now the largest group of gamers, the popularity and accompanying purchasing power of video game’s largest demographic affirms it’s staying power in pop culture.

Just as the old adage goes ‘when did car racing begin? When the second car rolled off the line!’ so too has this growth of video games increasingly seen a shift in the way they are appraised, and this has led to the ‘video games are art’

Art is subjective. One person’s masterpiece hanging from a gallery wall is another person’s ‘that is so overrated – let’s go home now!’. Yet, with popularity of video games today, the contention held by many that videogames are and can indeed be art is altogether credible. This is especially so as the statistics on video game use … Click to continue reading

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Email Newsletters that Impact: Why Weekly trumps Monthly

The era of online is instantaneous and immediate. In the span of time it took you to read this introduction 30,000 new tweets have been posted on Twitter. Let’s add to the count by repeating that once again: 30,000!

With such a rapidity to information’s distribution – and so much content featured within that information – many businesses, startups, and digital specialists ask themselves; how can I stand out? While the rapid rise of social media in the past decade – from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Google +, Tumblr and Pinterest – has rapidly changed the way a business or brand seeks to engage with a consumer, recent years have shown the old email list is having a resurrection.

Though it’d surely be unfortunate to bring back the solely HTML text-based newsletters of the dot-com era, for some time now it has been apparent that content-rich and visually crisp email newsletters are very much well positioned to ‘win the day’ when it comes to reaching an audience, and leaving a lasting impression on them.Click to continue reading

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