About Ed

Hello! I’m Ed, a journalist from Melbourne, Australia, and a professional passionate about the clear-cut benefits quality writing provides business and the wider community.

First beginning my media career as a local reporter and editor for newspapers in my hometown of Melbourne, thereafter I’ve worked as a journalist covering Asian, African, and Latin American news and events, for various regional publications, and as Editor of CSO Australia, the nationwide cyber security publication. The newspaper and region I wrote for often varied, but my desire to produce articles that truly inform and actively engage was always a constant. Alongside my time in journalism, as a business writer I’ve worked for Australian companies like Hero Broker, and internationally with agencies like Content Conquered. Though I’ve regularly written far and wide in digital media – and I must maintain confidentiality around the specifics of where I did so as a ghostwriter – I can say generally I’ve specialised in writing regarding the growth of the digital economy, emerging technology, financial markets and international trade, and renewable energy.

This specialisation is also informed by the experience gained in my university studies. I hold honours degrees in arts and law, having completed a politics thesis on ‘Obama’s Asia: The Pivot and Regional Pressure Points’, and a law thesis on ‘Can Enhancing Individual-Based Privacy Laws Adequately Respond to Challenges in the Online Arena?’. At the core of my interest in these aforementioned areas is the firm belief that there’s a great capacity for advances in the digital arena – for all the challenges in this space whether existing or emerging – to effect positive change in our daily lives and work. Furthermore, that it’s of immense importance that ongoing conversations are encouraged surrounding security issues in this field, to enhance awareness and shared expertise.

When away from the desk I’ll most often be found spending time with family, and running, swimming, and reading. Professional enquiries can be made via enquiries@edkennedy.co and EdKennedy01 on Skype.