7 Essentials for All New eCommerce Stores

One of the great things about the day and age we live in is the capacity to start something instantly. Whether it’s a song you’ve streamed, an online course to learn with, and even an eCommerce business via sites like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. Beyond any aspiration for money or fame alone, many creatives are drawn to starting an online business as it offers them the opportunity to just simply create.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a ‘business-first’ approach to starting a new venture, but a founder of a new enterprise who holds a creative passion for it will often find progress occurs faster. Ahead of someone who just analytically identified a ‘growth opportunity’, a ‘developing trend’, or some of those other important but technical terms, that can fast take the life out of a party. The trade-off to this passion can often come with the particulars.

So rather than see a good new eCommerce idea stall on it’s way to market, may the following serve to assist those who’ve a good product in hand; and just now need to put the pieces of a great eCommerce store around it..… Click to continue reading

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Travelling as a Remote Worker? Better Bring Two Laptops!

Wednesday May 2 2018

Travelling with only a laptop as your office can be great for a remote worker.  You already have the freedom of movement a remote career allows you, and all you need to work while on the road is a sleek piece of metal with a screen and keys. But then something goes wrong.


A perfect afternoon you’d planned, working on client blogs with your feet in the pool. Finished. That beautiful evening you had planned, watching the sunset at the beach while coding. Over. Oh and if your laptop plays up while you’re on a weekend trip out of town? Oh man, that’s bad.




A bit debate has raged for a long time surrounding laptop reliability. Especially when compared to a desktop computer. Everyone can agree the move you more around a device, the greater the risk it can be damaged. Even if you don’t have a major episode like dropping your laptop down a flight of stairs, all those little bumps it encounters in day to day travelling can add up.

This is something that no one brand is immune from. While some will say Apple laptops last longer than PCs, Click to continue reading

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Privacy and Proton Mail: Email in the Era of Cambridge Analytica


Recent weeks have seen renewed attention on user privacy and data management. Following the multi-party scandal involving Facebook and  the data digital consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, many online users are anew to how their data is managed, and how they can better protect it in future. For those yet to be across the scandal, a good recap can be found here.

In light of this, a review of ProntonMail is timely. For those yet to hear of it, ProtonMail (PM) was founded in 2014 by Andy Yen, Jason Stockman and Wei Sun. These three CERN scientists developed an email app with client-side encryption that’s now viewed as a leader in user privacy and data management. Let’s look at PM in-depth now.

What Makes PM Unique

Offering end-to-end encryption, PM’s platform ensures your emails are seen only be sender and recipient. Even the PM team themselves can’t see what you send.

This means sharing the information with third parties is out, and so unlike other email clients that readily collect data on its users to sell to advertisers, people who use PM mail will not be subject to the standard data gathering practices see elsewhere. For those who … Click to continue reading

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‘From America to Africa in the Digital Era’ Elfreda K. Sheriff on the Heart of Remote Consulting

Thursday April 12 2018

Elfreda K. Sheriff is the founder and CEO of Kilsah Consulting. Kilsah specialises in the provision of management and development consulting to African nations. Born and raise in Liberia, Elfreda travelled to the USA to for her college studies, and since graduation has called Atlanta, Georgia home.

The experience of growing up on the Africa continent, and thereafter studying and building a career in the United States provided Elfreda a rare combination of skills and expertise in which to found Kilsah, and run an authentically African consulting firm. Having ran the business partly-remote for a number of years, Elfreda is now set to make a permanent return to Liberia in July 2018.

This move will close one chapter of Kilsah’s story, and begin a whole new one its founder’s life.  Our team at TDB got in touch with Elfreda to learn more about what it’s like to run a digital remote business in the African region, what opportunities and challenges exist for the future of business across the continent.


EK: Thank you for speaking to us Elfreda. Kilsah Consulting is a distinctive business, and one with a distinctive mission. For that reason many people may Click to continue reading

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Mobile Data Versus Pocket Wi-Fi. Which One Should I Use?


Wednesday March 7 2018

Today our world is more mobile. This means more of us are on the move than ever before. In a way this is cool‚ no more sitting at a stiff computer desk when you can be writing an article on the couch‚ in a cafe‚ or beyond.

But it does mean connectivity becomes a new challenge. And as the world becomes more mobile, deciding which option for staying online while on the move be a difficult decision. In absence of a public Wi-Fi connection, it comes down to mobile data versus pocket Wi-Fi.

So which one is the best option for you? Let’s look now.

Why Mobile Data?

It’s not news smartphones are popular. Smartphones are good because they are essentially universal. Everyone carries one, and everyone always has it on them. In fact, stats from January 2018 hold 51.92% of web traffic now comes via smartphone -and that stat is only set to grow.

For those seeking to a quick and simple online hookup, using your smartphone as a hotspot can be great. In fact it’s the default choice for many needing a portable Wi-Fi solution.

But smartphones can be bad. There is the Click to continue reading

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The Asia Advantage: How Do Digital Professionals Engage with Asia in the Era of Global Disruption?



When it’s heard this author has studied Asian politics at university‚ or worked as a journalist and ran a business in Asia‚ a common question usually follows ‘How do you begin working in the region‚ anyway?’ Disruption has changed the way in which we live‚ and are set to live. While it’s not breaking news recent years have seen greater volatility arise in the political arena – one need only look at the political earthquakes of the 2016 US presidential election and Brexit to know it’s no longer ‘business as usual’ – economically speaking our world is becoming more and more borderless.

This means the old way of doing this in business no longer apply. Even in Asia. So what is required for someone looking to start a career in the region? Let’s go through one by one.


1. Understanding

There are some regions of the world that when described, broadly share a set of traditions. The British Isles, while each have different languages and nations, share a common kingdom.

The same applies to nations in the European Union, many differences, but uniting themes. Asia is a much more contested space.


Not only is there no central Click to continue reading

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‘The Global Conversation: Marisa Lutter on PR’s Digital Revolution’


Marisa Lutter preparing for a partner meeting at the Hyatt Hotel in Dusseldorf, Germany

Tuesday February 27 2018

Good media relations have always been about communication straight to the point – not only with your client or partners but also with journalists. In the digital era it is easier than ever to interact with others from your old college friends on Facebook, all the way up to the President of the United States on Twitter, it is easier than ever before to connect and interact with everyone on earth.  But is good communication always part of that interaction?

Marisa Lutter knows a great deal about the importance of communication and how important it is to build long-term relationships with influencers and journalists. As a veteran in the field of International media relations and as founder of WI Communications, Marisa has built a career and business based upon delivering real communication and engagement for her clients across Europe, and around the world.

Following our conversation with Jason Cahill last month, it’s feature Marisa here in a profile, and we got in touch with her for an interview at a time when her business is set to expand anew, adding three … Click to continue reading

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