The Sensory Overload of Content Promotion: How to Navigate ‘the Noise’ of Online


Who doesn’t love a good startup? A niche product? A self-funded podcast that sets the world afire? This is all good stuff, and in the era in which we live no longer does a gatekeeper at a publisher’s office or a producer at a local TV station exclusively determine whether the product (or service) you have will sell.

The problem is actually getting it out there, and getting some attention. This is especially so when the choices are not limited, but too often overabundant. For those aspiring to a secret technique or ‘but wait there’s more’ pitch – this article is unlikely to hit the spot.

Instead, for those readers who are trying to do something with a product or service online – yet feel overwhelmed by all the areas you can go through in eCommerce (or feel you need expand your options but don’t know where to start); there are ways to navigate the problems practically.

For those that have arrived here unsure of where to start, perhaps stumbling in the middle, or just about at their wits’ end when it comes to trying to get their product some traction; may the following serve as useful considerations.Click to continue reading

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Writing Ads for the Right Freelancers: How to Advertise Effectively Online


As the economy grows more and more in the digital field we see within the market  a change to the way in which we work. Whether you hire freelancers or work as one, the rise of the freelance economy is a trend here to stay, and one which impacts business across the board as a result.


This change can bring with it a variety of opportunities and exciting pathways. It can also be problematic for a business. While a formal job listing will typically have a detailed background, description of the position, and criteria, freelancer job advertisements are typically more casual.


Usually, a clients list their job quickly, a freelancer applies quickly, the job is then awarded and (provided you’ve got a good freelancer) completed quickly. While it’s correct to think once the job is assigned it becomes the freelancers responsibility to get it done, at the outset the way a advertiser lists and outlines the gig can have a huge influence on its overall setup and success.


Whether you advertise through a dedicated freelance website, via a mixed-use site that features content and jobs, or even just via your own website and social media channels: Click to continue reading

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A Question of Timing: When will Smartwatches be Essential?

Talking watches, trips to Mars, and flying cars. While we’re not quite yet in the era of technology the Jetson’s offered, the world in 2016 is making solid inroads when it comes a renewed space program, the next ‘big leap’ in cars, and in the  smartwatch sphere.

This is illustrated with the latest launch of the Apple Watch 2. Recent years have seen the Cupertino tech company embattled as it seeks to make a decisive shift from the ‘post-post-Steve Jobs’ era.

When the Apple Watch first launched it was met with a bit of bemusement, as a new product line did not come with the same earth shattering angle as products prior. It also set the tone in the minds of many about the company’s overall direction.

Though many gave new Apple CEO Tim Cook a ‘grace period’ once he took the helm of the company, many felt the Apple Watch wasn’t just underwhelming but indicative of a new bland era at Apple.

These criticisms are not uniformly fair, as not only have Apple’s competitors caught on to their winning approach and caught up in market share. No less though, for better or worse Apple remains the flag bearer … Click to continue reading

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What’s in a Name: Finding a Name that Suits your New Startup

With the rise of the online economy it’s never been easier to sell goods and services. 
Though in a bygone era a new business would usually need think about things like a brick and mortar location, operating hours, and launch capital, today it’s far simpler.

A signup on Shopify, a social media account to build awareness of your brand, and you’re officially off and running. That’s what it looks like anyway. While the digital age has brought with it opportunity, it has also brought challenge. Operating in the online economy means other businesses are always in direct competition, the marketplace is global, and the ability to get traction at the beginning can be hard.

That’s why a brand name is so important to a new business.It’s important to have a name that signifies what you’re seeking to sell in the eCommerce sphere. To really understand where you should go in future its worthwhile looking at ‘what could have been’. Let’s do that now with three globally renowned brands.Click to continue reading

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Succesful Launch: 7 Hit Songs from the Last Era of Space Exploration

While at first this may not appear immediately apparent, the explosion ‘overnight’ of Elvis Mania in the 50’s, Beatlemania in the 60’s, and Seattle Grunge Mania in the 90’s affirms such trends may appear to come out of nowhere; but often have been in development for a long while beforehand. With big league space exploration gearing up again there is set to be a renewed focus in pop culture.

Before clearing out your playlists for new albums and your walls for new posters, its worthwhile to look back on songs popped up last time a Space craze went down, as well as the long term legacy it left thereafter. Here now 7 songs that sang of space and became huge hits on Earth.Click to continue reading

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Ready for Take Off: 5 Space Missions Set for Launch by 2025

In 1903 the Wright Brothers kicked off human flight. The achievement was wonderful but the technology humble, with a plane that resembled little more than a cardboard construction. 60 years thereafter – a blink of an eye in the history of Earth – humans we’re on the moon. One of those rare moments that literally had the world watching, and promised more to come.

Following the successful return of Apollo 11 much effort was put into busy plans for many more missions, moon bases, and even a bit more travelling about the galaxy to other planets. Thereafter though, to the minds of many things slowed down a little bit.

Sure, there were subsequent lunar landings, a rover or two sent abroad, the creation of the International Space Station, and a number of satellites sent up to orbit about and beam us content back to Earth. These are all notable achievements, but since Apollo 11 mission in July of 1969 the space exploration community have been waiting for the next ‘oooh’’ moment.

It’s been many decades since that first ‘one small step’ was taken. Yet, the next decade is set to see serious inroads made – from just outside our orbit Click to continue reading

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Drop Shipping & eCommerce: The Good, the Bad, and the Reality

For all the talk about the many ways someone can sell in eCommerce one model tends to arises again and again: drop shipping. Depending on what source they read, for newcomers often it’s to be the equivalent of a road map to El Dorado. Either a brilliant road to riches, or a total fool’s quest.

The problem with this polarising either/or argument is it often overlooks the greater detail of the debate, does little to advance it, and ultimately leaves people keen to start a business but unsure where to begin at square one. That does a disservice the industry when it comes to helping new entreprenuers build a real understanding of what exactly drop shipping is, whether the model ultimately proves right for them or otherwise.

This is not just sad for a budding entrepreneur, but also for us as customers; we miss out on opportunity to buy a cool new product. One that would not have existed without someone first getting a good idea, and then having the gusto to startup a business that sells it.

So, may the following be of help to those set to make a start in eCommerce, and are keen to cut through … Click to continue reading

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