UAV’s changing the way we think about Real Estate

The online age has fundamentally transformed the way we do business, buy goods and seek services, and an era of disruption has arisen as eCommerce expands beyond online to existing sectors.

The field of real estate is set to undergo some significant changes in years ahead as a result. In fact, it’s already well underway! Let’s look now at what’s changed and what changes are ahead surrounding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drones.

UAVs and Real Estate

Long gone are the days of real estate listings being only done via the newspaper classifieds. Today 360 degree panoramas and video tours are the standard offerings from many realtors. These mediums have given potential home buyers and investors the opportunity to have a ‘virtual tour’ of the home, and the opportunity to see in detail all its features and finery.

Great as the advent of this tech was, until now the outside of a property and its surrounds received far more limited attention. This is what makes the greater use of UAV tech so exciting. UAV can provide you a previously unforeseen view of that apartment you’re considering buying in Bermondsey, London, just the same as it can give you a sweeping Click to continue reading

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3 London districts for good long term property value


The London property market continues to run hot through 2016 as demand for housing continues to grow in the UK capital. While areas like Chelsea, Kensington, and Notting Hill loom as desirable districts, they also come with a property prices that can feel elusive to many Londoners new to the city or seeking to buy their first home or investment property.

Accordingly, looking to 3 newer and growing regions is a worthwhile endeavour in the current property climate. So, let’s look now at 3 property markets within London that represent good value long term.


Shoreditch is the epicentre of the London startup scene. Known as Tech City – or more affectionately Silicon Roundabout – it has drawn young professionals from near and far.  Therefore, for those high flying app designers, entrepreneurs, and marketers from near and far, the capacity to choose from a broad variety of areas to live in may be an easy decision to live close to work.

Yet, whether in the tech game or not Shoreditch is an interesting market at present.  The considerable demand for a 2 bedroom home (with a median price of £898,000) has far outstripped demand for a studio, 1 bed, … Click to continue reading

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Where to buy a first home in LA, SF, Seattle and Vancouver

Head out from Australia’s Eastern Seaboard across the Pacific Ocean and you’ll soon find yourself on the western shores of North America. Here, within the American states of California, Oregon, and Washington – and then over the border Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – a phenomenal change is being seen in local real estate markets underpinned by tech-driven business and/or the rising purchasing power of investors from Asia.

Just as daily news in the booming Australian property markets of Melbourne and Sydney perpetually talk of the growth and competition within Australia generated by investment from wider Asia (and especially China), so too is investment across the North American West Coast bringing about some exciting changes. By contrast, it is also providing a real challenge to first-time home buyers seeking to enter the property market and acquire their first home.

Yet, within a number of the hot button real estate cities there do remain some neighbourhoods and pockets of land where a good first home can be found at a price removed from the heights depicted in the headlines. So, let’s look now a little more in-depth at the West coast market with a city by city overview of Los Angeles, San … Click to continue reading

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7 Great Books to Grow Your Real Estate Knowledge


Seven is surely a lucky number if you’re rolling the dice and betting big at the casino. Yet, for those who seek to pursue a more prudent investment strategy – and one with better odds overall! – seven also is a great figure for the number of books you can read to begin to grow your understanding of real estate and property investment.

So, lets look now at the ‘Magnificent Seven’ you can read to build your investment knowledge from the ground up. These books are all authoritative yet easy to read, detailed yet not dense, and all easily acquired online. Here we go..

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

This is a famed yet foundational text to read for anyone keen on growing their wealth and investment portfolio over time. While not exclusively focused on real estate, it is very much a rite of passage for anyone who is interested yet may feel overwhelmed when first seeking to learn more about investing and building up their wealth throughout their life.

Though the book’s title may at first appear less-than-stellar, the lessons detailed throughout the book are provided in a autobiographical fashion that makes Kiyosaki’s writing come across as … Click to continue reading

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The cross-border animal crisis in Africa


2016 has illustrated there are many challenges facing the African continent as a whole, and African Union as a collective representation of the region. This has been seen in democratic deficits, civil conflicts, and larger questions of how to balance trade and defence relationships beyond Africa. Looming large among these problems is an issue often overlooked – but one that is now held to be at crisis point; the management and security of African wildlife.

To those yet to read of the severity of the situation it may at first seem tangential or peripheral to the more visible and overt problems facing the African region. Yet, it is also a reality that even those who would regard animal welfare as a middle order or secondary issue would need consider the wider dangers of leaving poaching unaddressed. As National Geographic reported in August 2015, the link between elephant ivory hunters and terror financing affirms both the need for disinterested parties to look once more at addressing animal welfare. Alongside offering a good avenue for security and political leaders to combat and campaign against terrorism.

As a West African Lion may roam through 100 square miles (259 Click to continue reading

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Africa’s Mining Future after the 2016 Mining Indaba

Africa’s Mining Future: Looking beyond the 2016 Mining Indaba in Cape Town


The 2016 Mining Indaba was held in South Africa amidst a crucial time for the African minerals industry, the African region, and the wider international economy. With the past ten years seeing a veritable resources boom being experienced across the continent, questions grow surrounding its future. While the African continent enjoys ample resources – holding approximately a third of the world’s mineral reserves  – the sector has been embattled by concerns over how best to manage the close links between African and resource hungry China, conditions for mining workers, as well as mining’s broader place in the economic forecasts of a number of African nations. To examine the current state of the sector, an overview of the Mining Indaba is first necessary.


Mining Indaba is now the world’s largest mining event


For their part, the Mining Indaba organisers spoke of a desire to achieve numerous aims.  “We are proud that Mining Indaba has been the platform providing the catalyst for expansion. After two decades, it is a benchmark of its kind, having become much larger and more significant than simply just an event”, said Click to continue reading

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The African Union and the European Union Part 2: Security

This is part 2 of Ed’s piece on the AU and EU. Part 1 can be found here 

The African continent faces a number of visible challenges within the security sphere. From sizeable but straightforward battles against narcotics dealing and piracy, to issues of immense complexity based on identity and sectarian conflict. Yet, among the 54 states that comprise the African region there are three issues the loom especially large, and of which the African Union (AU) can heed lessons learnt from the European Union (EU). Increased coordination on terror threats, a unified response to political instability, and the growing rivalry between the US and China.

The Terror Threat

Within the EU, revelations assailants in the November terrorist attacks in Paris were planning their attacks in Belgium illustrated traditional borders are no longer a failsafe of security given the capacity of terror groups to work both locally and across state lines. Though exact trends and faultlines differ region by region (and country by country), the international community is moving towards a greater globalisation and borderless world; and this poses risks for traditional state security.

Just as calls were heard across the EU following the Parisian attacks for the Click to continue reading

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