Olivia Poglianich on the Rewards and Realities of Nomad Living

‘Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today…’

For anyone who hears the old and famous song New York, New York, you know it’s a call to the Big Apple. For Olivia Poglianich, her experience was different. As a native New Yorker she knew she had so much of the world within her hometown – but still the road called her. 

Just a few years after graduating from Cornell University with a Bsc in Communication, Olivia set off travelling. Not because of the absence of what New York held, but because of what the rest of the world offered. But never was there the intention to be away from the Big Apple for too long.

Like so many new plans made on the road, Olivia’s decision to move into being a full time nomad was one that developed over time. Initially the thrill of travel was her key motivator. In December 2017, Olivia set off on what was supposed to be a 3 week holiday to New Zealand. It was to be only 3 weeks with a full time job lined up and awaiting her back at home.

But before too long Liv realised she was a traveller that required Click to continue reading

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How Do I Actually Hire One? The Path to Getting a Ghostwriter

The ghostwriting industry has such vagueness in public perception that the actual job title of ghostwriter can sound really mysterious. Many people don’t feel well-versed in understanding what exactly a ghostwriter does. Those who know how a ghostwriter generally works will still often be unsure what steps are involved to acquire one.

For those who feel they’re yet to understand the ghostwriting process, let’s go through it step by step detailing a typical content creation process. But first, we have to answer the most important question.


Why Hire a Ghostwriter Anyway?

For some writers the idea someone would ask ‘why should I bother hiring you anyway?’ might just be unsettling. Maybe shocking even. But at the end of the day, professional ghostwriters need to speak the language of business. And that means if a prospective client asks an enquiry about the value of your work and how it can benefit them – you need to provide a solid answer.

When it comes to the enquiries and conversations I have with prospective clients, I’m always ready to answer this question, and do so by outlining the following factors. There is a greater need than ever in the online world Click to continue reading

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7 Essentials for All New eCommerce Stores

One of the great things about the day and age we live in is the capacity to start something instantly. Whether it’s a song you’ve streamed, an online course to learn with, and even an eCommerce business via sites like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. Beyond any aspiration for money or fame alone, many creatives are drawn to starting an online business as it offers them the opportunity to just simply create.

There’s nothing wrong with taking a ‘business-first’ approach to starting a new venture, but a founder of a new enterprise who holds a creative passion for it will often find progress occurs faster. Ahead of someone who just analytically identified a ‘growth opportunity’, a ‘developing trend’, or some of those other important but technical terms, that can fast take the life out of a party. The trade-off to this passion can often come with the particulars.

So rather than see a good new eCommerce idea stall on it’s way to market, may the following serve to assist those who’ve a good product in hand; and just now need to put the pieces of a great eCommerce store around it..… Click to continue reading

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Travelling as a Remote Worker? Bring an Extra Laptop!


Travelling with a laptop is great for a remote worker.  You have the freedom of movement a remote career allows you, and all you need to work is a sleek piece of metal with a screen and keys. Then something goes wrong.

A perfect afternoon you’d planned, working on client blogs with your feet in the pool. Finished. That beautiful evening you envisioned, watching the sunset at the beach while coding. Over. Oh and if your laptop plays up while you’re on a weekend trip out of town? Oh man, that’s really bad. If your deadline is urgent you may need to commandeer some local wildlife to get back to the city.




There’s a longstanding debate surrounding laptop reliability. Especially in comparison to a desktop computer. Everyone can agree the more you move a device, the greater the risk it gets damaged. Even if you don’t have a major episode like dropping your laptop down a flight of stairs, all those little bumps it encounters in day to day travelling can add up.

This is something no manufacturer is immune from. While some will say Apple laptops last longer than PC, even if this is now Click to continue reading

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So You Wanna Be a Writer? How to Find the Perfect Keyboard for You


Sunday February 25 2018

Ahh keyboards. We know them, we use them. We occasionally marvel at them. Why does the paint erode so quickly on certain keys? Do I really use the keys ‘A’s and ‘S’ so much compared to all others? Whatever the case, keyboards are universal, but sometimes they can be painful.

You know what we’re talking about. Keyboards that are slow. Keyboards that are awkward. Keyboards that take away all the pleasure of writing, and make you lament anytime you type.

This is a big deal for anybody anywhere, but its a particularly big problem for a writer. For writers spend every day, day in and day out at the desk typing away, so hating a keyboard is hating life.

On the other hand, when a keyboard is a pleasure to use? It’s surely a heavenly experience. The touch of the keys feels like liquid velvet. The tap of the keys sounds like heavenly choirs.  The ACCIDENTAL USE OF CAPS IS? – still irritating. But all up? Great keyboards are great.

So, what things do you need to understand when seeking out the perfect keyboard for writing?  Let’s look now.

1. How does it type?

It’s Click to continue reading

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Remote Work Versus Real-World: Your Essential Briefing

Update 2020: The following piece was written well before the coronavirus pandemic’s global outbreak that has so rapidly altered how we work and do business daily. The enduring economic implications of the coronavirus pandemic in the long term surrounding remote work remain debated today, and will not be clear for some time. As a result it is too early in this writer’s mind to make a concrete prediction about what exactly remote work in a post-coronavirus world may look like. However, it does appear impossible to imagine a post-coronavirus world would see a huge decrease in this trend to remote work – as indeed the pandemic has seen a massive increase of it that is more likely than not to sustain in some fashion going forward – and accordingly the writer feels the following piece is still reflective of the foundational trends we’ve seen in this space in recent years, and shall continue too in years ahead. It is just also prudent for this writer to confirm his view the coronavirus pandemic has indeed fundamentally altered this dynamic, and the precise way in which these trends play out going forward. Ed.


“Remote Work: a role that allows you to
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What Does GoPro’s Decline and Kodak’s Comeback Mean for the Future of Video?



January saw two particularly big stories in the world of cameras. Stories that would have been laughable just a few short years ago. The details of the stories is where the real significance comes in, but in just one sentence the stories at are their most scintillating.

This month GoPro announced plans to cut 20 percent of its workforce on January 8, as Kodak stock rose 147 per cent on January 9. Talk about your plot twists, eh?

Now, let’s be clear. The stories are not directly related to one another. Sure, the folks at GoPro may have thought till recently that Kodak were old dinosaurs. And OK, they may still be a veteran or two at Kodak who is still marveling at the Super 8, unsure what this GoPro fuss is.

Nonetheless, beyond the headlines these stories are related, and do speak to deeper trends. Let’s look at these a little more now.

Goodbye GoPro?

Like what Tesla is to electric cars, GoPro has been to the camera industry. A name not only for a particular product, but a buzzword for the action camera industry as a whole. For years since its establishment in 2002, GoPro was Click to continue reading

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