Beyond Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds: Investing in Assets Online

Disclaimer: This article is informative in purpose and does not constitute financial advice.  The author urges you to obtain professional advice before pursuing any financial investment.

When it comes to buying assets in the real world brick and mortar is often the first port of call. Whether it is an investment home, a small business like a cafe or laundromat – or maybe even a vineyard just outside of town – when looking to invest many look to land and concrete to start. Thereafter, stocks, bonds, and Co are common options.

While these latter assets are intangible – you can’t physically ‘hold’ a stock in a company after all – there are nonetheless real world applications to their purchase and performance; a market spike shall see your real world wealth grow, just as a market fall shall see it decline. With the rise of the online marketplace, eCommerce, and the wider ‘24 hour global economy’ a new dynamic now exists; the opportunity to buy, build, and sell assets online.

Undoubtedly online shall continue to grow the value in the ‘space’ on it. While distinct from the real world online is virtually limitless nonetheless just as a beachfront property is Click to continue reading

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Sun is Shining but still Warm Up: the Essentials of Cold Weather Exercise

Disclaimer: this article is written for information purposes only and does not constitute health advice. Always speak to a medical professional for health advice.

Few shall critique someone getting out and about for some exercise when it’s still cold. Sure, you may not quite be Braveheart staring down your mortality, but when the prospect of another hour snoozing under the blankets – or an evening where your greatest trial could be ordering another pizza – lacing up the sneakers and getting out to get the heart racing is surely commendable. When its sunny outside this feel easier – but this can be deceptive if planning a cheeky workout in cold weather.

Exercising in the cold comes with some unique challenges and concerns, whether you’re residing in a chilly part of the world, battling through a really bad winter, or even confronted with a rare but cold summer’s day. A 50 degree day (10c) will not see you risk overheating like an 82 degree (28c) day will, but the potential for injury – as well as just a miserable workout all over on account of extra pain – is very real.

So, before  heading outside be sure to run through Click to continue reading

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Melbourne: 6 Years as the World’s Most Liveable City (Update)

Update August 18 2016: It was announced today Melbourne has retained its hold on the number one spot for a sixth year in a row. As last week’s article detailed a title is great but surely not everything, so just the same as the
award recognises good work done in months and years prior; so too must the city in time ahead ‘begin again’ if it seeks to keep the next year.

Meantime though, just like a Rio 2016 gold medal a win is surely worth celebrating. So, whether near or far any fan of the city who seeks to observe the award (and the wider results that saw the great Australian cities of Adelaide and Perth also rank in the top 10) will find no shortage of ‘Melbourne songs’ to serve as your soundtrack for the next little while.

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Getting the Show on the Road Part 3: Where and How to Edit Your Video Content

It was a close one. Huge air is always good but like anything that comes up you eventually need come back to ground. Nonetheless, you landed a hefty Hakkon Flip, kept your board straight, and now all that remains is to get back to the lodge and upload online notice to Shaun White you are new GOAT (maybe).

Yet, as you look on  your camera’s footage you notice it looks a little far from the slick edits and stylish projections seen on YouTube and VimeoIf the start of everything good in film begins with ‘lights, camera, action’ you right now feel a world away from the vivid hues of a Hollywood film.

It need not be this way though. Just like anyone who refines something to a fine tee – whether a landscaper in the USA, a sculptor in Europe or a surfboard maker in Australia– with a bit of know-how and editing you can get your clip of that Taipan Air looking crisp and ready to enter the ages as a great online hit.

Let’s look now at 5 principles that underpin good editing…Click to continue reading

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YouTube vs Vimeo Part 2: Where to Upload Visual Content Online


OK, so you’ve watched Tony Hawk pull off a 900 and now your the new cool kid who just knows he can do one too – and maybe even a 1080. The resolve is there to start vlogging but choosing between YouTube vs Vimeo can be a videographers first fork in the road.

Both have their advantages, both their drawbacks, and yes: (as detailed in part 1) each have different audiences. Given there are so many factors that  make a vlog a success if a start is stalled its just like a tall ship in flat seas: the will may be there but you’ll never feel the wind at your back. So, picking the right platform to kick off your online voyage is essential.

Here’s how to begin…… Click to continue reading

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YouTube vs Vimeo (Part 1): Where to Watch Great Content Online

Marching to Two Very Different Drums

You walk into a party. Your buddy YouTube is bounding around the room in conversation with everyone‚ is clearly popular‚ and promises an interaction that is easy and drama-free. Meanwhile a little off to the side is your pal Vimeo. He’s a bit quieter but still cool – and while your not sure his whole ‘wearing a hat indoors’ thing works – his epic mustache affirms this is a guy guaranteed to have some stories.

Straw Hat

‘It’s a great hat buddy but not ‘wear indoors’ great’

Where to go and get involved first is a tough decision – YouTube will likely find a way to get you involved in the party – but as it does you just know Vimeo is up to something really cool. Let’s look more now at each site.… Click to continue reading

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I Really Want to Restore a Classic Car but How do I Actually Do It? Part 2: In-Depth


So, its now clear a car restoration is in your future, and you’ve a good understanding of what it involves at the start. Now, you’ve got to get into the day by day work and planning; and this too involves ‘need know’ information.

Dependent on whether you’ve found a well-known car you wish to restore (or a rare one that leaves you unique) shall influence much of your action. If you’re set to restore a Mustang or Chevy you will never struggle to find someone to buy a drink and bend their ear for 10 minutes when you need some insight.

By contrast, if you are set to restore a little model from a little car manufacturer (and maybe not in business anymore) then you may be doing this more by yourself. Notwithstanding this though, whatever you’re restoring a number of guidelines can help serve to get you through the restoration process, and eventually back upon the road sooner.… Click to continue reading

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