America’s 3 Most Influential Streets: Wall Street, K Street, and Sand Hill Road

3 streets in the USA determine much of the nation’s national affairs; and as a result much of the world’s political, economic, and tech outlook. Sure, other cities like LA for media and Detroit for autos have made large contributions to the wider national landscape, but these 3 streets are unique offering a ‘one stop shop’ factor to anyone who visits.

An awareness of these streets is important, what comes thereafter – whether celebration of the achievements of residents on this street or some cynicism surrounding their shortcomings – is up to you.

Rather, just like the way high fashion, night clubs, or sporting facilities often cluster around a certain part of town, so too is the shared street address of finance, politics, and tech powerhouses in the US just something that simply is.  Let’s begin…Click to continue reading

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The Arts and Australians: 7 Songs from the ‘Other Side’ of Oz


One of the great things about being an Australian is wherever you wander the world odds are good you’ll come across someone from close to home. Whether in old Tokyo, hiking the Appalachian trail, or in the foothills of Rome, if you’re really in a pinch debating who is better between Australia or the South Africa at Rugby a quick ‘tell him he’s dreaming!’ will get you a cheeky Aussie nearby ready to recall the nation’s great sporting moments.

What’s more, Australia ‘kicks goals’ world over. True, the nation’s culture isn’t perfect in all cultural exports – Vegemite is most certainly an acquired taste after all –  but criticisms of experiences with the locals Down Under more often center around a run in with an Emu over a over a hipster in Melbourne (though true, both dress in black and have skinny legs).

Were there one drawback to a cheery national identity though, it’s that some of our great and immense contributions to the arts can at times be overlooked. Sure, you know the words to Back in Black, Eagle Rock, have Friday on your Mind now and then –  and you always hear Click to continue reading

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Technical Writing 101: Where a New Writer can Start in The Field

Whether it is Saturday or Sunday where you find yourself in the world – and however your locale determines which day is special – the weekend usually brings with it some chance for reflection, consideration, and planning.

To some this may involve making promises to not have that extra drink next time, to others an acknowledgement its indeed to hop onto Facebook and affirm to the world your local eatery has lost a step.

To those in the sphere of writing and media though, oftentimes catching a moment’s breath shall further affirm in your mind that the industry as it exists today is indeed breathless. By no means is this a bad thing necessarily – being a pro cyclist or racing car driver means your daily work at the office is breathless – but the pace and scale of change means ongoing learning is important.

Racing car

‘Man my Monday’s are dull..’

While the pathways through a career in the media sphere (broadly defined as arts, communication, and design) are huge and immense, so too is the requirements of each field, and being great at just one or two things is no signification of failure. After all, Al Pacino is heralded as … Click to continue reading

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Rained Out: Melbourne and 3 Cities to Hail under Grey Skies


If you’re living there right now, or just reading the news from afar and checking the forecast you’ll know: the world’s most liveable city has been in a springtime snafu. While September is meant to be the start of warmer weather and a preview of summer, the past few days have seen far more people tempted to pack a snowboard over a surfboard for a weekend away.

Next Award: 'The World's most swimmable city?'

Pictured: Not exactly what Melburnians had in mind for springtime weather.

It should not be news weather can have a big impact on a city and region. This does not just apply to train delays, lost productivity in the workplace (as many may be inclined to stay under the covers and call in sick on a torrential day), but also to the positive effect of good weather on a locale.

With its eternally sunny climes – getting on average 293 days of sunshine in the city compared to New York’s 234 – Los Angeles long lingered as a natural choice to setup shop a century ago as the American capital of film making. Further south you’ve a city like San Diego, heralded as having one of the greatest climates in the worldClick to continue reading

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‘Just give me one shot’: The case for manual photography

A quick visit to Instagram or YouTube will put to rest any doubt we live in a wonderful age for visuals and imagery. If you live in provincial Canada you’re now just a few clicks from video from downtown Hamburg, if you find yourself in a bustling capital of Japan you can catch up on the latest cycling amidst the Italian Alps, and if you’re from the World’s Most Liveable City, and just wish to see videos showcasing the local culture? we’ll there’s videos for that too.

While not all of the photography and video content we see online is astounding, the opportunity for someone to pick up a camera and connect with a global audience is seamless, straightforward, and undoubtedly wonderful.

The trade-off to this can be the ease and speed diminishes skill. Accordingly, while picking up a point-and-shoot digital camera is fantastic for a newbie to photography (and surely likely to be a good upgrade if just snapping pics on their smartphone), after a time many new to photography can find currency in eventually picking up an analog camera to complement their digital output.

Let’s look a little more at the reasons for this … Click to continue reading

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On Lock When Online: 5 Ways You Can Prevent Identity Theft

It can be said many men shall long think Ann-Margret is eternally sexy. It can be said many women shall long think Elvis is eternally sexy. It can be agreed from all perspectives articles on identity theft are decidedly unsexy. Like a bland stamp on a white envelope inside a filing cabinet – there’s just little about password security that’ll set hearts racing in daily life.

Woman looking at computer

‘Oh man, he’s going to talk about passwords? I’m going to go kayaking or something…’

Yet, here we are. Beyond reminisces of Hollywood starlets there’s aspects to identity theft that are ongoing, evolving – and dangerous. A decade or two ago eCommerce was from a statistical point of view non-existent, in 2016 it is now worth a projected 1.92 trillion USD. Suffice to say: that is a ton of businesses, supply chains,  and customers who all stand to be markedly disrupted were a identity theft ‘plague’ to occur.

Fortunately with encryption, two-step authentication, and other robust security measures in place such an occurrence isn’t likely. This notwithstanding,  there are among us friends who still use their dog’s name as a password. Not only does this make it easy for people they know to Click to continue reading

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Sound and Tone: How Musicians Can Use Visual Facebook Ads in their Promotions

You’ve got a knapsack, a ton of sticky tape, and often need be quick-of-feet in case they get caught. It may give one some cool cred at the local indie bar to say their a music promoter – but just like how being a bike commuter can be a world of worry in tandem with fun – posting up concert promos around the city can be a hard and difficult thing (especially if within a grey area of the law). Yet, for a long time this was a chief way for new musicians to get word out.

Now, there are Facebook Ads. You know they exist, you always see them, and you often click them. Nonetheless, while there is no shortage of guides on how to setup Facebook ads, advertising as a musician is a harder task given the ads are seen but their product is heard, and so not every musician uses Facebook ads in the optimal way to get them a good return (read: more people clicking and listening to their songs).

As a result, just as the Beatles were discovered in a smoky Liverpool bar – and music history is swarming with stories of great artists being Click to continue reading

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