About Ed

Ed is a journalist, ghostwriter, and web developer from Melbourne, Australia.

He has written widely in a variety of fields from local news to the international arena, and also holds an ongoing role as ghostwriter and design consultant to numerous clients.

Ed’s writing and design work takes him far around the web, but he can be found writing here regularly on issues and trends in news and current affairs, alongside hosting samples of his copywriting content.

Beyond his media work, Ed holds a background in civics and public policy, and retains an interest in the growth of online services and shift towards a truly digital economy.

When not at his desk, Ed spends time with family, reading, and running.

To discuss Ed writing or designing for you email enquiries@edkennedy.co


What Clients Say About Ed

“I’ve worked with Ed for a number of years now as part of the Content Conquered team. As an editor‚ I’ve found Ed to be a good and consistent writer. He handles a variety of topics well‚ meets his deadlines‚ and is easy to work with one-to-one. I’d happily recommend him to other editors seeking a writer to deliver diverse and ongoing work.” – Anne Shell‚ Editorial and Design Project Manager, Content Conquered

“Since I first hired Ed to produce some writing for my business‚ he’s been an ongoing consultant. He’s been an informative and resourceful counsel in matters of business expansion‚ as I’ve looked to grow La Bella Fay Beauty Salon‚ Canberra‚ and expand it to meet demand locally, and beyond my city. Ed is very professional and takes the time to get things right for his clients‚ that’s why I’m happy to take the time to recommend him to all other’s who might need his services.” – Amanda Fay TaubmanFounder and CEO of La Bella Fay Beauty and Bridal

“I was ready to take the next step in my profession‚ and I contacted Ed for some content to assist that aim. I’m pleased to say the results I sought came rapidly after our project was completed. Ed’s work was great‚ and a key part in the transition from one chapter of my career to the next.” – Phillip Tasse Grosse, Sales Associate and Entrepreneur

“I worked closely week by week with Ed in the creation of digital content. From the start, Ed showed a really good capacity to recognise the unique challenges of different generations, and created content that spoke to our goals and our audience in a really interesting and engaging way. Happy to have worked with Ed, will ensure we work together again in future!”- Graeme Baxter, Business Development Manager

“I’ve had a really good working relationship with Ed. My online businesses regularly require new work, and whether a big or small task, Ed has always been there to pick up the project and drive it through to completion. He’s got the goods to do a variety of tasks well, and always gets me strong results.” –  Michael Niotakis, Founder of PlentyofGifts.com.au and imoonlight.biz