The 3 Pages You Need When Starting a Simple Website


Saturday January 20 2018

Starting a website is a little like founding a circus. It is totally OK to aspire to have a bunch of gymnasts bounding about the top rope high above everyone else – but you REALLY want a safety net below first, and some basic entertainment to get the show on the road. 

Just as a business is built step by step, so too it is the same principle with a new website. You can look to have blog posts, social media links, and all manner of attractions in time, but the initial planning of a website lends credence to the value of simplicity.

So, where to start when starting with website content? Let’s look in-depth now..Click to continue reading

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Why Blog Anyway? The Ins and Outs of Writing Great Blogs


Thursday January 11 2018

Blogs may be ubiquitous but they can also be a divisive topic. That’s right, divisive. For while we may live and work in a world that is increasingly shifting to a truly digital, online economy, the enduring return on investment of a blog to a professional or small business can seem questionable at first.

The same is also true of bigger businesses. They may have more cash to burn, but also a greater array of internal processes for financing marketing and outreach. That can mean a whole ton of red tape needs to be cut through before a new blog can be approved. It can result in a new blog plan being forever left in ‘pending’.

Then there’s the time issue. You may be reading this intrigued by the idea of starting your own blog. You have thought about it before, and know the general benefits it can bring like building your online profile, connecting you with others, and so on. But you want to know its benefits in-depth.

So, why is starting a blog worthwhile? And just what is the enduring value of having one? Let’s answer these two questions‚ and then go through Click to continue reading

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The Time is Now: Why EVERY Small Business Needs a Website


Tuesday January 2 2018

If you’re reading this now you know the internet, know what a website is, and hopefully can see the value in it as a tool for communication. While the internet represents the most immediate tool for communication in our age, its newness remains of questionable value to a long-established small business.

You’ve a business with a shop sign that’s faded, but has a timeless styling. Its got that vintage quality that affirms to all passers by your a seasoned accountant, financial planner, or lawyer, tailor, cobbler – or any other profession that once did so well without the internet. Such a signs and advertisement is charming, endearing – but also not nearly suitable for the online age any longer. It’s time to talk about building a new sign.… Click to continue reading

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What’s the Difference Between a Journalist, a Copywriter, and an Author? (And Why it’s Important to Know in the Online Era)


This is a question commonly asked but rarer is an answer provided. ‘What is the difference?’ is a question many clients can have when looking to hire, and it is also something many new writers ponder when starting out. Sure, the roles of a journalist, copywriter, and author all involve writing, but the way in which their daily work is approached is very different. Especially in the online age.  

In the era of the Google search engine it’s not news clarity has often come at expense of accessibility. This is true for all parties in the writing business, from the creator, to the publisher, to the distributor. This can be complicated even more of by the rise of eCommerce and online business which makes it possible for someone to be a creator, publisher, and distributor all in one (themselves separate roles, but best discussed in a future article). Wearing many hats is no bad thing. In fact, there are strong arguments to be made for professionals to hold a diverse skill set in the era of disruption.

Where it’s complicated is when these roles are confused. This means broader access to professionals and skills doesn’t deliver greater productivity Click to continue reading

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The Biggest Week in Australian Journalism History? 3 Stories that Tested Principles of Privacy, ‘Off the Record’ and Defamation

By any measure the week prior was a big one for journalism in Australia. Three major stories broke in which the journalists themselves became the story. While Pulitzer Prizes exist for a reason to recognise outstanding journalism, generally speaking, notable episodes prior have shown it is not ideal when the journalists themselves become the story.

That’s why the emergence of three major stories in one week has been so notable. Each one independent on the other, but sharing in common a controversy surrounding whether the stories were ‘fair and free’ in their publication, or instead crossed the bounds of good practice.

Let’s look now at them one by one, see whether the ‘old rules’ of journalism still apply, and what lessons emerge new and upcoming journalists may glean from them.


Mia Freedman, Mammamia, and Roxane Gay


The Issue: Most Australian shall recognise Mia Freedman’s name. For readers abroad, Mia Freedman is a prominent Australian editor who chiefly presides over the Mamamia empire, while also serving as a media personality and commentator.

Freedman’s was all set to interview Roxane Gay, the American author visiting Australian to promote Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body. Within it, Gay has documented her … Click to continue reading

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Why Hire a Writer Anyway? The Difference between Communicating and Writing

When someone has hired a writer it is pretty straightforward. ‘Hi, with the contract now signed you can begin! Here’s the content outline in full, and I’ll look forward to hearing from you soon’. All is simple and easy when you’ve a brief in-hand like this. That is the stage when all is certain surrounding the needs of a project, but it is the period beforehand that this article will address.

One of the common questions this author gets asked in his daily work his ‘do I really need to hire a professional writer for this project (website landing page, blog, press release etc. etc)? Usually, but not always, this is done by clients who are seeking this author out for something beyond writing, such as for graphic design work, website building, or media relations, who may not yet know this author is also a journalist and ghostwriter – and so could find this question offensive!

Instead of taking offence though, this writer recognises there is indeed a question of value here. Maintaining a number of business interests on the side in tandem to his 9-5 day job, the need to meet a budget, and ensure money spent brings a … Click to continue reading

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Writing Ads for the Right Freelancers: How to Advertise Effectively Online


As the economy grows more and more in the digital field we see within the market  a change to the way in which we work. Whether you hire freelancers or work as one, the rise of the freelance economy is a trend here to stay, and one which impacts business across the board as a result.


This change can bring with it a variety of opportunities and exciting pathways. It can also be problematic for a business. While a formal job listing will typically have a detailed background, description of the position, and criteria, freelancer job advertisements are typically more casual.


Usually, a clients list their job quickly, a freelancer applies quickly, the job is then awarded and (provided you’ve got a good freelancer) completed quickly. While it’s correct to think once the job is assigned it becomes the freelancers responsibility to get it done, at the outset the way a advertiser lists and outlines the gig can have a huge influence on its overall setup and success.


Whether you advertise through a dedicated freelance website, via a mixed-use site that features content and jobs, or even just via your own website and social media channels: Click to continue reading

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