America’s 3 Most Influential Streets: Wall Street, K Street, and Sand Hill Road

3 streets in the USA determine much of the nation’s national affairs; and as a result much of the world’s political, economic, and tech outlook. Sure, other cities like LA for media and Detroit for autos have made large contributions to the wider national landscape, but these 3 streets are unique offering a ‘one stop shop’ factor to anyone who visits.

An awareness of these streets is important, what comes thereafter – whether celebration of the achievements of residents on this street or some cynicism surrounding their shortcomings – is up to you.

Rather, just like the way high fashion, night clubs, or sporting facilities often cluster around a certain part of town, so too is the shared street address of finance, politics, and tech powerhouses in the US just something that simply is.  Let’s begin…Click to continue reading

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Beyond Real Estate, Stocks & Bonds: Investing in Assets Online

Disclaimer: This article is informative in purpose and does not constitute financial advice.  The author urges you to obtain professional advice before pursuing any financial investment.

When it comes to buying assets in the real world brick and mortar is often the first port of call. Whether it is an investment home, a small business like a cafe or laundromat – or maybe even a vineyard just outside of town – when looking to invest many look to land and concrete to start. Thereafter, stocks, bonds, and Co are common options.

While these latter assets are intangible – you can’t physically ‘hold’ a stock in a company after all – there are nonetheless real world applications to their purchase and performance; a market spike shall see your real world wealth grow, just as a market fall shall see it decline. With the rise of the online marketplace, eCommerce, and the wider ‘24 hour global economy’ a new dynamic now exists; the opportunity to buy, build, and sell assets online.

Undoubtedly online shall continue to grow the value in the ‘space’ on it. While distinct from the real world online is virtually limitless nonetheless just as a beachfront property is Click to continue reading

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Domino’s Rise as Eagle Boys Fall: An End to Australia’s Independent Pizza Shop?

Disclaimer: This article is informative in purpose and does not constitute financial advice.  The author urges you to obtain professional advice before pursuing any financial investment.


‘The Lucky Country’ is not just a saying

As a nation, Australia is something of a fascinating fishbowl when it comes to the study of economic policy. The stunning fact that belies so much about the Great Southern Land is with around just 25 million people its total population is smaller than single US states like California or Texas, and though many fellow Asian nations – like Indonesia, South Korea and Japan – are smaller in land size, they hold a greater population.

Notwithstanding this though, both the Australian nation as a whole and its citizens personally have long enjoyed a high standard of living and high level of personal wealth AKA the ‘Middle Class Success Story’.

Australia has at times achieved remarkable feats in the global economy – such as having the GFC by and large bypass out shores as it wreaked havoc on other world economies – while also oftentimes leaving Australia consumers subject to questionable charges that may not fly elsewhere; such as Adobe’s long held double cost for Australia Click to continue reading

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Brexit: 7 Economic Questions now the UK voted to leave the EU


The United Kingdom will soon invoke Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and begin the 2 year process of removing itself from the EU. Here are 7 big questions that are now being pondered in the UK, EU, and around the world.

What sort of new economic deal shall Britain get from the EU?

Once Britain leaves a new trade deal between the UK and Europe will need take the place of its current single market arrangement. While the UK remains a major global economic power – and one that will remain attractive to trade with the EU – the reality is EU leadership does not want to reward a leaver. This means a hard bargain for the UK is coming, the question is just how hard it will be.

What approach will Britain take to global economics?

While the exit from the single market shall pose challenges it shall also allow Britain chance to pursue trade agreements with other nations around the world more freely. In this regard, while trade with Europe shall also remain crucial to the UK, so too must a new approach to trade be sought.

How shall it manage new relationships in a post-1973 Click to continue reading

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Where to buy a first home in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Miami

The West Coast of North America may be the melting pot of the tech scene with San Francisco and Seattle, the entertainment and cultural epicenter with Los Angeles, Portland and Vancouver, but the East still has ample attractions. From the media and finance capital in New York, to the political vitality of Boston, to the history and vibrant culture of Philly, to the lure of South Beach and all the fun in the sun of Miami.

Yet, just the same as the West Coast, buying a first home in these cities can be a real challenge amidst great demand and rising prices. So, where to begin when looking to get onto the East Coast property ladder?

New York


Buying a first home in New York can be a challenge, but some good value areas exist around town. Picture: supplied

Save for San Francisco and the Bay Area, New York is often ranked among the most expensive real estate markets in the US, and the world. Accordingly, buying a fist home here shall always be a challenge, but not one that in insurmountable. Despite its expense, one of the advantages of New York is it is widely recognised as a Click to continue reading

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UAV’s changing the way we think about Real Estate

The online age has fundamentally transformed the way we do business, buy goods and seek services, and an era of disruption has arisen as eCommerce expands beyond online to existing sectors.

The field of real estate is set to undergo some significant changes in years ahead as a result. In fact, it’s already well underway! Let’s look now at what’s changed and what changes are ahead surrounding Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) drones.

UAVs and Real Estate

Long gone are the days of real estate listings being only done via the newspaper classifieds. Today 360 degree panoramas and video tours are the standard offerings from many realtors. These mediums have given potential home buyers and investors the opportunity to have a ‘virtual tour’ of the home, and the opportunity to see in detail all its features and finery.

Great as the advent of this tech was, until now the outside of a property and its surrounds received far more limited attention. This is what makes the greater use of UAV tech so exciting. UAV can provide you a previously unforeseen view of that apartment you’re considering buying in Bermondsey, London, just the same as it can give you a sweeping Click to continue reading

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3 London districts for good long term property value


The London property market continues to run hot through 2016 as demand for housing continues to grow in the UK capital. While areas like Chelsea, Kensington, and Notting Hill loom as desirable districts, they also come with a property prices that can feel elusive to many Londoners new to the city or seeking to buy their first home or investment property.

Accordingly, looking to 3 newer and growing regions is a worthwhile endeavour in the current property climate. So, let’s look now at 3 property markets within London that represent good value long term.


Shoreditch is the epicentre of the London startup scene. Known as Tech City – or more affectionately Silicon Roundabout – it has drawn young professionals from near and far.  Therefore, for those high flying app designers, entrepreneurs, and marketers from near and far, the capacity to choose from a broad variety of areas to live in may be an easy decision to live close to work.

Yet, whether in the tech game or not Shoreditch is an interesting market at present.  The considerable demand for a 2 bedroom home (with a median price of £898,000) has far outstripped demand for a studio, 1 bed, … Click to continue reading

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