Do I Specialise? and 4 Other Questions to Ask About a New Career

Challenges are not unique to any generation, and certainly travel across one from another. Yet, while few students in the post-war generations shall finish high school or university with a booming economy around them offering jobs across the board; current students, soon-to-be graduates, and those considering a career transition do indeed face some very unique challenges.

While there is much to celebrate and herald in the new and growing digital economy, with traditional industries dissipating, the nature of work evolving in many countries from a conventional 9-5 in 40 hour work week to a different measuring stick, and a higher cost of living in many cities and nations leaves many young people between the ages of 15-25 with many challenges ahead of them; and much uncertainty surrounding the path to navigate them.

Yet, there are 5 questions to consider when it comes to a new career that can prove useful in deciding where you wish to go, and how to navigate the challenges that surround it…… Click to continue reading

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Sun is Shining but still Warm Up: the Essentials of Cold Weather Exercise

Disclaimer: this article is written for information purposes only and does not constitute health advice. Always speak to a medical professional for health advice.

Few shall critique someone getting out and about for some exercise when it’s still cold. Sure, you may not quite be Braveheart staring down your mortality, but when there’s the chance of another hour snoozing under the blankets – or an evening where your greatest trial could be ordering another pizza – the idea of lacing up the sneakers to get the heart racing is surely commendable. When it’s sunny outside this feels easier – but this can be deceptive if planning a cheeky workout in cold weather.

Exercising in the cold comes with some unique challenges and concerns, whether you’re residing in a chilly part of the world, battling through a really bad winter, or even confronted with a rare but cold summer’s day. A 50 degree day (10c) will not see you risk overheating like an 82 degree (28c) day will, but the potential for injury – as well as just a miserable workout all over on account of extra pain – is very real.

So, before heading outside be sure to run Click to continue reading

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Australia abroad in Sport: The Championships We Win Overnight

Melbourne City CBD

It may be after hours for other nations but nightfall in Australia means there’s sports on abroad. Picture: Melbourne, Australia at night.

Its an oddity of living in Australia that few people may at first understand. It may be hard to imagine we have a winter – and true, few Australians kept from their surfboards and summer bike rides may be happy about it – but the trade off to winter-living in Australia is the bounty of sport on offer during this season, albeit after hours. This is true not just in June, July, and August; but all months of the year.

The deeper answers for why the nation is sports mad are best left to a certified sociologist. At its core though it can be offered it’s a nation with a love of healthy competition, and also community. For a nation that for much of its early history was largely isolated from much of the world, the kinship and connection felt by community – that no matter who the athlete or team is if they wear our colours we’re going to back them – has lingered long in our local sports, our national competitions, and has been at the … Click to continue reading

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Gearing Up again: Never delay a Bike Ride


A (re)start with an old bike is rarely perfect

“It’s not always rainbows and butterflies it’s compromise it moves us along”. When listening to LA band and seminal mid-00’s philosophers Maroon 5 many may think back to a difficult patch in an old relationship – maybe why you and ‘the one’ went bust before you got back together better than ever – but cyclists know that song is clearly about a bike.

Cycling in the rain, cycling in the dark, cycling in the winter (often a combo of the first two), can certainly make a rider feel a pedal up the hill at the end of their street is your own personal Alpe D’Huez. Regular cyclists encounter regular challenges. Yet, beyond the daily rider there’s another in this mix: the new beginner daunted by the brave new world.Click to continue reading

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Putting Your Best Foot Forward with Barefoot Running Shoes


Charles Darwin may not have mentioned in Origin of the Species exactly where it happened, but at some point once humans got out of the water, ditched the gills, and grew toes on our feet – we decided running was a great idea. Whether hunting for food, running away so we don’t become something’s food, or even just seeing if we can outpace our best bud Caveman Bob in a race to the nearest woolly mammoth , for thousands of years running has been where it’s at.  Just as sure as we’re set to do it for a long time yet.

Over the years running has continued to evolve, with barefoot running having enjoyed an explosion in popularity during the past decade. While this form of fitness doesn’t (usually) mean running with no shoes, it it is one that does away with the traditional chunky sneakers with a thick heel, for a slimmer more level tread. With this design comes the promise that because it is a more natural match with how our feet move when barefoot, then a more natural and pain-free run can be had.… Click to continue reading

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10 Essential Tips for New Cyclists Starting Road Bike Riding


You’ve perhaps seen the Tour de France on TV, you’ve gotten the old Raleigh out of the shed – or perhaps gone ahead and gotten a road new bike and resolved to make a go of it – and now you’re faced with setting off on your first ride.  This is great as cycling is among the best ways to exercise, stay healthy, and have fun.

Yet, its also true: cycling on the road can bring with it a number of challenges and ways in which a great ride can come undone.
Rather than encounter these mishaps while you are in the seat, here are 10 tips to ensure you stay safe, ride well, and get the most out of your cycling.… Click to continue reading

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Cycling and the ‘Beach Road issue’


Beach Road Cycling Story

11.15pm Sunday April 12 2015

by Ed Kennedy

Cycling continues to grow in popularity world over, and this is apparent on any weekend in Bayside. Walk along the Bay Trail or any stretch of Beach Road within Bayside’s boundaries and you will see no shortage of recreational cyclists all the way up to professional triathletes pedaling along by Port Phillip Bay.

Bicycles, their use, and the debate surrounding their use and proper place within the roads ‘ecosystems’ is not new. Yet, events of recent weeks have given a renewed urgency to the discourse.

Two accidents, one at the corner of Dendy Street and Beach Rd in Brighton on March 21, and the other purported to involve a member of the Hell Ride group on March 7 – the name for a Saturday morning ride infamous for apparent collisions and incidents with other road users – has seen debate with a renewed urgency in the community and wider Victoria over the relationship between cyclists and other users on our roads.


BayCit. Cycling story 3
The corner of Dendy St and Beach Rd, Brighton where the March 21 accident occurred.


Felicity Frederico, Mayor Bayside City Council stated while cycling’s popularity has risen, the… Click to continue reading

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