Gearing Up Again: Never Delay a Bike Ride

Cycling in the rain, cycling in the dark, cycling in the winter (often in a combo with the first two), can make a rider feel a pedal up the hill of their street is their own personal Alpe D’Huez. Regular cyclists encounter regular challenges. Yet, beyond the daily rider there’s another type of rider: someone who has previously been a rider, wants to ride again – but is timid about it. This can be the hardest summit to scale.

There can be many reasons for this. Some of them are more complex than others. But the solution to these challenges is always the same. The rider must get back on the bike, and that’s why anyone looking to restart their riding should not delay doing so for a single day! Ride shamelessly, do so indulgently, do so inelegantly if you must – but just get riding. Any cyclist worth their weight in chamois cream would do well to encourage a new rider on the road, not shame them.

The Cycling Boom Is Very Real

Cycling today is big business. Sure, it’s not news many kids have grown up wheeling a BMX around their neighbourhood. But the rise of cycling’s popularity Click to continue reading

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10 Key Tips for Cycling Beginners


You’ve perhaps seen the Tour de France on TV, you’ve gotten the old Raleigh out of the shed – or maybe gone ahead and gotten a road new bike and resolved to make a go of it – and now you’re faced with setting off on your first ride.  This is great! Cycling is among the best ways to exercise, stay healthy, and have fun.

Yet, it’s also true: cycling on the road can bring with it a number of challenges that can turn a good ride into a bad one. Rather than encounter these mishaps while you’re in the seat, here are 10 tips to ensure you stay safe and ride well.… Click to continue reading

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