What’s the Difference Between a Journalist, a Copywriter, and an Author? (And Why it’s Important to Know in the Online Era)


This is a question commonly asked but more rarely is an answer provided. ‘What is the difference?’ is a question many clients can have when looking to hire, and it is also something many new writers ponder when starting out. Sure, the roles of a journalist, copywriter, and author all involve writing, but the way in which their daily work is approached is very different. Especially in the online age.  

In the era of the Google search engine it’s not news clarity has often come at expense of accessibility. This is true for all parties in the writing business, from the creator, to the publisher, to the distributor. This can be complicated even more by the rise of eCommerce and online business which makes it possible for someone to be a creator, publisher, and distributor all in one (themselves separate roles, but best discussed in a future article). Wearing many hats is no bad thing. In fact, there are strong arguments to be made for professionals to hold a diverse skill set in the era of disruption.

Where it’s complicated is when these roles are confused. This means broader access to professionals and skills doesn’t deliver greater productivity Click to continue reading

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Successful Launch: 7 Hit Songs from the Last Era of Space Exploration

While at first this may not appear immediately apparent, the explosion ‘overnight’ of Elvis Mania in the 50’s, Beatlemania in the 60’s, and Seattle Grunge Mania in the 90’s affirms such trends may appear to come out of nowhere; but often have been in development for a long while beforehand. With big league space exploration gearing up again there is set to be a renewed focus in pop culture.

Before clearing out your playlists for new albums and your walls for new posters, its worthwhile to look back on songs popped up last time a Space craze went down, as well as the long term legacy it left thereafter. Here now 7 songs that sang of space and became huge hits on Earth.Click to continue reading

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Drop Shipping & eCommerce: The Good, the Bad, and the Reality

For all the talk about the many ways someone can sell in eCommerce one model tends to arises again and again: drop shipping. Depending on what source they read, for newcomers often it’s to be the equivalent of a road map to El Dorado. Either a brilliant road to riches, or a total fool’s quest.

The problem with this polarising either/or argument is it often overlooks the greater detail of the debate, does little to advance it, and ultimately leaves people keen to start a business but unsure where to begin at square one. That does a disservice the industry when it comes to helping new entrepreneurs build a real understanding of what exactly drop shipping is, whether the model ultimately proves right for them or otherwise.

This is not just sad for a budding entrepreneur, but also for us as customers; we miss out on opportunity to buy a cool new product. One that would not have existed without someone first getting a good idea, and then having the gusto to startup a business that sells it.

So, may the following be of help to those set to make a start in eCommerce, and are keen to cut through … Click to continue reading

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On Lock When Online: 5 Ways You Can Prevent Identity Theft

It can be said many men shall long think Ann-Margret is eternally sexy. It can be said many women shall long think Elvis is eternally sexy. Making something like identity theft a sexy topic can be far more difficult. 

Yet, here we are. Beyond reminisces of Hollywood starlets there’s aspects to identity theft that are ongoing, evolving – and dangerous. A decade or two ago eCommerce was from a statistical point of view non-existent, but in 2016 it is now worth a projected 1.92 trillion USD. That is a ton of businesses, supply chains,  and customers who all stand to be severlys disrupted were a identity theft ‘plague’ to occur.

Fortunately with encryption, two-step authentication, and other robust security measures in place such an event isn’t likely. This notwithstanding, there are among us people who still use their dog’s name as a password. Not only does this make it easy for people they know to hack their account; but a simple name password is among the easiest to break.

Once someone hacks one account they are often to set off a chain by trying out other resets (just like how your email can reset a social media account when … Click to continue reading

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Email Newsletters That Impact: Why Weekly Trumps Monthly

The era of online is instantaneous and immediate and that impacts email newsletters. In the span of time it took you to read this introduction 30,000 new tweets have been posted on Twitter. Let’s add to the count by repeating that once again: 30,000!

With such a speed to information’s distribution – and so much content featured within that information – many businesses, startups, and digital specialists ask themselves; how can I stand out? While the rapid rise of social media in the past decade – from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to Pinterest – has rapidly changed the way a business or brand seeks to engage with a consumer, recent years have shown the old email list is having a resurrection.

Though it’d surely be unfortunate to bring back the solely HTML text-based newsletters of the dot-com era, for some time now it has been apparent that content-rich and visually crisp email newsletters are very much well positioned to ‘win the day’ when it comes to reaching an audience, and leaving a lasting impression on them.Click to continue reading

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Chris Cincotta’s Camera and Community


CC are Melbourne photographer Chris Cincotta’s initials. Yet, they may as well stand for the two pillars upon which he’s built his career: cameras and community. In the day-to-day trade of being a photographer in Melbourne, engagement and interaction with community is a must. However, the way in which Chris does it surely makes him a rare commodity.

This Melbourne photographer, who has spent many afternoons and evenings along the coastal trails and among the Melbourne CBD – including having shot some of Bayside’s most famed and picturesque spots – is now in a sense very much anchored down. After a most interesting couple of years around Australia and across the world, Chris is now a Melbourne-based photographer, regularly selling his photos day-by-day in the CBD, and who also a very proud Melburnian. It sounds so straightforward, but just like an Ansel Adams landscape or a Leibovitz portrait; the detail is so very often everything. Chris’ story needs to be given some further colour and scope then.

By his own words, Chris says photography was not the first or most foremost love of his early life. Like many young men who’ve grown up in rural NSW – Chris originally … Click to continue reading

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