Speaking the Language of SEO between Client and Copywriter

SEO is all important for a new business. Picture: supplied

SEO is all important for a new business. Picture: supplied

You cannot be a copywriter without coming across folks who wish for SEO content.

For those yet to come across it, SEO=Search Engine Optimisation. Through the use of a variety of tools and techniques ‘good’ SEO shall ensure a business ranks high on a query made on a search engine.

Good SEO can be achieved via targeted ad campaigns across the internet, it can be done by writing articles on your website and using certain keywords relevant to your industry (like ‘car’ for a mechanic), and by promoting your business on social media among other ways.

Good SEO can grow your business online. Picture: supplied

Good SEO can grow your business online. Picture: supplied

Established businesses seek SEO so they can maintain they prime brand positioning in the market. New business seeks SEO so in the day and age of the internet they can ‘leapfrog’ these businesses in search engine rankings like Google and Bing – and draw new customers to their website.

For example, say you are a new gym in my hometown of Melbourne (AKA the ‘World’s most liveable city’) and you’ve done all the real world legwork in getting a loan, a location and a team setup.

SEO In Action

You are ready to go but there are alot of gyms in Melbourne – so when people search for ‘gym Melbourne’ online they are going to get many existing results in their Google search before they get to your listing. So, what do you do? You seek out an SEO specialist to find a way to move you up the rankings so that you land on the front page – and ideally even better.

Yet, while clients know they desire SEO – and writers know how to use SEO techniques to grow a client’s business – there often exists a significant challenge in between and it involves one word: detail.

For SEO Seekers

So often clients shall seek out a SEO-skilled writer, marketer or digital strategist – yet are unable to express exactly what they want. While this is not the end of the world because a good SEO specialist can discern what results you’re seeking, knowing what you want shall get better results.

So, as opposed to writing to an agency or advertising on a freelance website that you need ‘SEO help’ say specifically you ‘want to rank in the top 5 results on the first page’. Wishing your business to be on the front page is an obvious aim, within the top 5 specifically is important as it accounts for over 75% of search engine traffic (read: people click a top 5 results three times out of four).

Furthermore, put forward in-detail how long your business has been in operation, what other SEO or marketing strategy you’ve used before (if any), and some info about your target audience.

For example ‘we own a 24 hour gym in Melbourne’s inner-East. We’ve been open 2 months and are seeking to build a local presence online via fun social media posts on Instagram and Twitter’.

Info like this means anyone who reads it will recognise;

I. Your location
II. Your industry
III. Your aims

While strategies shall vary dependent upon a business and its circumstances – for you could be a gym owner with locations citywide (so SEO efforts for just inner-East Melbourne wouldn’t suit) – the detail provided in an ad like this gives any agency or freelancer who sees it a clear idea what you need – and how they can help.

Optimise your time with a detailed SEO enquiries

If you are a new small business owner odds are good you’re short on time. There is always an array of tasks to attend, and so many things that pop up unexpectedly to claim even more time. That’s why when it comes to seeking services getting what you want first time round is important.

Email an SEO agency or run an ad like the above on a freelance website and you should get a response the other side that puts forward in-detail what can be done in your location, for your industry – and to achieve your aims.

While you know your needs best and ultimately the call shall be up to you ensuring your write an email or ad like this shall return you the best SEO agents out there. Good luck with the search!

Ed Kennedy is a journalist and writer from Melbourne, Australia.
He is author of How to Hire Online: Your 7 Guiding Stars to Finding Great Freelancers

Ed Kennedy is a journalist, ghostwriter, and web developer from Melbourne, Australia. Contact Ed via enquiries@edkennedy.co on Skype or LinkedIn.

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