Melbourne: 6 Years as the World’s Most Liveable City (Update)

Update August 18 2016: It was announced today Melbourne has retained its hold on the number one spot for a sixth year in a row. As last week’s article detailed a title is great but surely not everything, so just the same as the
award recognises good work done in months and years prior; so too must the city in time ahead ‘begin again’ if it seeks to keep the next year.

Meantime though, just like a Rio 2016 gold medal a win is surely worth celebrating. So, whether near or far any fan of the city who seeks to observe the award (and the wider results that saw the great Australian cities of Adelaide and Perth also rank in the top 10) will find no shortage of ‘Melbourne songs’ to serve as your soundtrack for the next little while.


Ed Kennedy is a journalist, ghostwriter, and web developer from Melbourne, Australia. Contact Ed via on LinkedIn or Twitter@EdKennedy01