Where have you been Ed? 2017-2018 Update

Summer and sunshine over Melbourne, Australia’s iconic Dendy Street Beach. Image: edkennedy.co

January is a month many Australians will spend some time on holidays. But once Australia Day has passed – and with the great event now on in my hometown Melbourne, I’ll note the Australian Open finishes! – the vast majority are back to work, with all pistons firing for the year ahead.

It’s been some time since I’ve published here. I know with the span of time and the new year year many have wondered what’s up?  I always prefer to make my stories the stories‚ but having spent some time at the desk over Christmas and New Year’s break, it was recognised it’s indeed been 6 months since my last article here.


So ‘where have you been Ed?’

The past 6 months have been quite busy.

I’ve expanded into a new area of business.

I’ve recently moved home.

I’ve also been working on a new project which I look forward to unveiling when it’s ready.

This alongside remaining a keen nerd doing some ongoing study in evenings and on weekends.

I’ve continued my day by day work in journalism‚ ghostwriting‚ and web development. Ghostwritten pieces must stay confidential, and standalone lines of codes rarely set the heart racing, but I’ll link below to some great publications I’m happy to have recently had my byline in. The pieces cover some issues that were big in global politics and policy last year‚ and will be this year.

At present it’s necessary the aforementioned are my chief focus‚ but this audience and those who make it up are important to me. So‚ 2018 brings with it not an end‚ as much as a new chapter.  One I look forward to writing lots in, and one that’ll have a new piece here around this time next month actually.

For now, I remain in reach for anyone who wants to get in touch and say hi. And alongside enquiries@edkennedy.co,  I’m a pretty regular tweeter‚ and also available via LinkedIn.

So‚ I’ll be back again before too long. 

Thank you for reading, and best wishes for your 2018 meantime.





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Ed Kennedy is a journalist, ghostwriter, and web developer from Melbourne, Australia. Contact Ed via enquiries@edkennedy.co on LinkedIn or Twitter@EdKennedy01