About Ed

I’m Ed, a journalist, ghostwriter, and web developer from Melbourne, Australia. A professional passionate about the clear-cut benefits great digital content can deliver to business and the wider community.

As a content writer I’ve worked internationally with media agencies like Content Conquered, nationally with Aussie companies like Hero Broker, and locally in my hometown with Melbourne businesses like Horizontech Computer Specialists. Though I regularly write far and wide – and where I work as a ghostwriter must keep confidentiality around the specifics – I can say generally I’ve a specialisation in writing surrounding the rise of the digital economy and growth of globalisation. This has seen me write regularly in emerging tech, finance, regulation, public policy, and more.

Within the world of journalism, I’m pleased to maintain an ongoing role as a correspondent with the Caribbean media outlet the Star Publishing Company, writing weekly on business issues that impact the Caribbean, Latin America, and the wider world. Previously I’ve written for various global publications including The Diplomat, Asia Sentinel, and The Africa Times, among others.

As well as my daily work in media I also study law in the early mornings and late nights. Doing so not in spite of my media background, but in addition to it. Recognising the ability of a journalist to serve others in raising awareness can be enhanced by a lawyer’s work in advocacy, two areas in which I hold an enduring interest. I also feel law is an invaluable resource in discerning the challenges of phenomena like disruption in daily life and business. My expected law graduation date is in 2020.

My writing and programming work takes me far around the web, but I can be found writing here regularly on issues and trends in news and current affairs, alongside samples of my written content. Beyond my media work, I retain an ongoing interest in the effective formation and application of public policy. When not at my desk, I spend time with family, reading, and running.

To discuss me writing or programming for you email enquiries@edkennedy.co