Ready for Take Off: 5 Space Missions Set for Launch by 2025

In 1903 the Wright Brothers kicked off human flight. The achievement was wonderful but the technology humble, with a plane that resembled little more than a cardboard construction. 60 years thereafter – a blink of an eye in the history of Earth – humans we’re on the moon. One of those rare moments that literally had the world watching, and promised more to come.

Following the successful return of Apollo 11 much effort was put into busy plans for many more missions, moon bases, and even a bit more travelling about the galaxy to other planets. Thereafter though, to the minds of many things slowed down a little bit.

Sure, there were subsequent lunar landings, a rover or two sent abroad, the creation of the International Space Station, and a number of satellites sent up to orbit about and beam us content back to Earth. These are all notable achievements, but since Apollo 11 mission in July of 1969 the space exploration community have been waiting for the next ‘oooh’’ moment.

It’s been many decades since that first ‘one small step’ was taken. Yet, the next decade is set to see serious inroads made – from just outside our orbit Click to continue reading

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Drop Shipping & eCommerce: The Good, the Bad, and the Reality


Disclaimer: this article does not constitute legal or financial advice and is for informational purposes only.

For all the talk about the types of things someone can sell online via eCommerce one particular method tends to arises again and again: drop shipping. For newcomers often its often held to be the equilvalent of a road map to El Dorado, and is either a brilliant road to riches, or a total fool’s quest.

The problem with the either/or camp is it often overlooks the greater detail of the debate, does little to advance the debate, and ultimately leaves people keen to start a business but unsure where to begin at square one when it comes to building their understanding of just what exactly drop shipping is.

This is not just sad for a potential budding entrepreneur, but also for us as customers; we miss out on opportunity to buy a new or cool product that would not have existed without someone first getting a good idea, and having the gusto to see through opening up a business online.

So, may the following be of help to those set to make a start in eCommerce, and keen to cut through the … Click to continue reading

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Beyond Signup: 5 Need to Knows When Starting an eCommerce Store

One of the great things about the day and age we live in is the capacity to start something instantly. Whether its a song you’ve streamed, a online course to learn something with, and even a eCommerce business via sites like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify. Beyond any aspiration for money or fame, many creatives are drawn to starting a online business as it offers them the opportunity to create and contribute something.

What’s more, while there is nothing wrong with taking a ‘business-first’ approach to starting a new venture, a founder of a new enterprise who holds a creative energy and passion for it shall often find the growth of their business occurs far faster than someone who has identified a growth opportunity’, ‘developing trend’ or some of those important but technical terms that can fast take the life out of a party.

The trade off to this passion can often come with the particulars. While this shouldn’t be read as a suggestion creatives manage a broader business poorly – for often it’s the exact opposite as someone who ‘runs their own show’ must take responsibility for the ins and outs of their whole business – but … Click to continue reading

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Technical Writing 101: Where a New Writer can Start in The Field

Whether it is Saturday or Sunday where you find yourself in the world – and however your locale determines which day is special – the weekend usually brings with it some chance for reflection, consideration, and planning.

To some this may involve making promises to not have that extra drink next time, to others an acknowledgement its indeed to hop onto Facebook and affirm to the world your local eatery has lost a step.

To those in the sphere of writing and media though, oftentimes catching a moment’s breath shall further affirm in your mind that the industry as it exists today is indeed breathless. By no means is this a bad thing necessarily – being a pro cyclist or racing car driver means your daily work at the office is breathless – but the pace and scale of change means ongoing learning is important.

Racing car

‘Man my Monday’s are dull..’

While the pathways through a career in the media sphere (broadly defined as arts, communication, and design) are huge and immense, so too is the requirements of each field, and being great at just one or two things is no signification of failure. After all, Al Pacino is heralded as … Click to continue reading

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On Lock When Online: 5 Ways You Can Prevent Identity Theft

It can be said many men shall long think Ann-Margret is eternally sexy. It can be said many women shall long think Elvis is eternally sexy. It can be agreed from all perspectives articles on identity theft are decidedly unsexy. Like a bland stamp on a white envelope inside a filing cabinet – there’s just little about password security that’ll set hearts racing in daily life.

Woman looking at computer

‘Oh man, he’s going to talk about passwords? I’m going to go kayaking or something…’

Yet, here we are. Beyond reminisces of Hollywood starlets there’s aspects to identity theft that are ongoing, evolving – and dangerous. A decade or two ago eCommerce was from a statistical point of view non-existent, in 2016 it is now worth a projected 1.92 trillion USD. Suffice to say: that is a ton of businesses, supply chains,  and customers who all stand to be markedly disrupted were a identity theft ‘plague’ to occur.

Fortunately with encryption, two-step authentication, and other robust security measures in place such an occurrence isn’t likely. This notwithstanding,  there are among us friends who still use their dog’s name as a password. Not only does this make it easy for people they know to Click to continue reading

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The 3 Pages you Need when Starting a Simple Website

Starting a website is a little like founding a circus. It is totally OK to aspire to have a bunch of gymnasts bounding about the top rope high above everyone else – but you REALLY want a safety net below first, and some basic entertainment to get the show on the road. 

Just as a business is built step by step, so too it is the same principle with a new website. You can look to have blog posts, social media links, and all manner of attractions in time, but the initial planning of a website lends credence to the value of simplicity.

So, where to start when starting with website content? Let’s look in-depth now..Click to continue reading

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Every Creative needs a Gallery: Where to Host your HTML CSS and JavaScript Work


At this stage it can be said: you’re doing more than a little well. Building a skill set in front-end development and its languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is a worthwhile pursuit but one with a big learning curve too.

Now though, you’ve got the basics of coding down, your practicing in private, and you code with confidence. Yet, like a rapper set to launch his first EP, you may have the goods ready to go but choosing where to showcase them is a big, big, decision.

This is because just the same as understanding coding is a different prospect from actively building or fixing something online.

Just as actively working in the field is nothing to be afraid of (its just different, like a practice game versus a real match), so too it is hard to know where to start when you’ve got a portfolio ready to show given the many hosting options online. If this sounds like you may the following serve as three options for your first launch going forward.… Click to continue reading

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