Sound and Tone: How Musicians Can Use Visual Facebook Ads in their Promotions

They’ve got a knapsack, a ton of sticky tape, and ambition.  Yes, it may give someone cool street cred at the local indie bar to say they’re a music promoter – but just like how being a bike commuter can bring a world of worry in tandem with fun – posting up concert promos around a community is often a hard and exhausting task. Yet, for a long time this was a chief way musicians and promoters to get the word out.

Now, there are Facebook Ads.

You know they exist, you always see them, and you often click them. Nonetheless, though there’s no shortage of guides on how to set up Facebook Ads, advertising as a musician is a harder task given ads are seen but audio is heard. So not every musician uses Facebook Ads an optimal way (read: more people clicking and listening to their songs).

As a result, just as the Beatles were discovered in a smoky Liverpool bar – and music history is swarming with stories of great artists being discovered in obscure places – now increasingly online – even today there’s lots of good music going unheard.

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How Do I Actually Restore a Classic Car? Part 2: In-Depth


So, it’s clear a car restoration is in your future, and you’ve a good understanding of what it involves at the start. Now, you’ve got to get into the day by day work and planning, and this also involves ‘need to know’ information.

Your path ahead could have many twists and turns depending on whether you’ve found a well-known car you wish to restore, or a rare one that’s very unique. If you’re going to restore a Mustang or Chevy you’ll never struggle to find someone you can buy a drink and ask some questions when you need a little insight.

By contrast, if you’re working on a little model from a little car manufacturer (one maybe not in business anymore) then you may be doing a lot more research and planning by yourself. This notwithstanding, whatever you’re restoring a number of guidelines can help serve to get you through the restoration process, and see your car get back on the road sooner.… Click to continue reading

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How Do I Actually Restore a Classic Car? Part 1: Overview

The desire to restore a classic car can arrive unexpectedly. It’s usually a moment when the sensible and logical gives way to the wild and risky. There you are, at a dealership, at a car yard – maybe even a private sale – and just when you’re about to shake hands and agree to a deal on a car you were content with, you see it.

It’s perhaps not in your direct line of sight – it’s maybe even under a cover – but on a subconscious level you know it’s something special. Just like how a crowd at an art gallery or concert moves towards the main attraction, you edge closer and then realise this is really where you need to be.

The problem is its rusty. It has 3 wheels. It’s in need of some big repairs, and when you ask the current owner if they could turn the key and start the engine up, they just laugh. You look back over at the car you were just about to buy and realise turning back really would be the prudent course of action; but few people ever lit up the pages of history being prudent.

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Where to Start When Starting in Photography: 3 Cameras to Use

So you’ve been bitten by the photography bug. Sure, just like anyone else you’ve got a camera on your phone, and have been known to snap a good selfie or two – but lately it’s something more.

You find yourself taking longer to get the right shot at a party, stopping midway through your day to snap a pretty vista – and you’re making no friends by critiquing the lighting and framing of pics on your Facebook wall. If this sounds like you it’s now time to get serious about your newfound passion. Yet, when you do decide to take a step into serious photography it can be hard knowing where to start.

You know you want to snap pictures but the variety of cameras on offer leaves you feeling overwhelmed. Fortunately, it is possible to make sense of it and find the right camera for you. May the following be a useful guide for making a start in photography.Click to continue reading

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Chris Cincotta’s Camera and Community


CC are Melbourne photographer Chris Cincotta’s initials. Yet, they may as well stand for the two pillars upon which he’s built his career: cameras and community. In the day-to-day trade of being a photographer in Melbourne, engagement and interaction with community is a must. However, the way in which Chris does it surely makes him a rare commodity.

This Melbourne photographer, who has spent many afternoons and evenings along the coastal trails and among the Melbourne CBD – including having shot some of Bayside’s most famed and picturesque spots – is now in a sense very much anchored down. After a most interesting couple of years around Australia and across the world, Chris is now a Melbourne-based photographer, regularly selling his photos day-by-day in the CBD, and who also a very proud Melburnian. It sounds so straightforward, but just like an Ansel Adams landscape or a Leibovitz portrait; the detail is so very often everything. Chris’ story needs to be given some further colour and scope then.

By his own words, Chris says photography was not the first or most foremost love of his early life. Like many young men who’ve grown up in rural NSW – Chris originally … Click to continue reading

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A New Debate About the Old: Vintage and Replica Furniture


by Ed Kennedy

What Gary and Rachel have cannot be manufactured. You’ll never find the British-expats who have come to Melbourne via Perth selling goods of which they cannot detail in-depth. The history, the significance and quality of craftsmanship that underpins an item in the vintage goods store can routinely be listed off-the-cuff by this couple.

Gary and Rachel represent one side of the coin in a furniture and goods industry that is facing a growing challenge to the ‘ways of old’ by replica furniture salespeople.

The existence of ‘new’ enthusiasts for old goods is becoming more common in modern commerce, as evidenced by the current debate surrounding replica furniture in Australia and the wider international market.

With copyright laws difficult to enforce internationally – combined with the rise of globalisation and online shopping – the idea of furniture pieces being unique, distinct and one-off is being challenged.

For Rachel, the issues within the industry are clear.

“Replicas are everywhere and it’s an insult to the second hand industry”, she said.

Having opened Nook’s first store at 258 Johnston St in January 2010 – and established a warehouse in North Fitzroy during 2012 – the couple crossed over the … Click to continue reading

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Rich Story Sewn Into Life By Ricci The Italian Tailor

by Ed Kennedy

Niccola Ricci is not foreign to fame. Walking into his shop and looking across the slew of jobs he is to finish one can see carefully strewn across the walls inklings of a great past and a quiet but proud acknowledgement of the recognition his work has brought him.

Ricci is one of the last great tailors not only of Carlton – but all of Melbourne. At 90 years old his work now is driven far less by necessity and more by ritual. On the days he feels unwell he does not arrive to open up shop on Rathdowne St. For those who’ve quickly need jeans shortened or a tear in a shirt repaired he may not be your man then. But, given the quality of the work done – and the clear evidence across the store of a ongoing demand for his talents – the willingness to wait a little longer for something done well seems something his customers are more than willing to accept.

This theme of quality has been key not only to Ricci’s attitude to work but attitude to life. Having begun his career in tailoring by learning in a small Italian town … Click to continue reading

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