I Really Want to Restore a Classic Car but How do I Actually Do It? Part 1: Overview

You know the moment. It is when the sensible and logical gives way to the wild and risky. There you are, at a dealership, at a car yard – maybe even at a private sale – and just when you are about to shake hands and agree to a deal on that car you were till then content with – you see it.

It’s may not be in your direct line of sight – it’s perhaps even under a cover – but on a subconscious level you know it’s something special. Just like how a crowd at an art gallery or concert moves towards the main attraction, you get closer and realise this is really where you need to be.

Ford Mustang

‘Look, he’s just sitting there all alone – it’d be RUDE to not go and say hello!’
Image: mustangdepot.com

The problem is its rusty. It has 3 wheels. It is in need of some big repairs – and when you ask the current owner if they could turn the key in the ignition to start the engine up – they just laugh. You look back over at the car you were just about to buy and realise that really would’ve Click to continue reading

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Every Creative needs a Gallery: Where to Host your HTML CSS and JavaScript Work


At this stage it can be said: you’re doing more than a little well. Building a skill set in front-end development and its languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, is a worthwhile pursuit but one with a big learning curve too.

Now though, you’ve got the basics of coding down, your practicing in private, and you code with confidence. Yet, like a rapper set to launch his first EP, you may have the goods ready to go but choosing where to showcase them is a big, big, decision.

This is because just the same as understanding coding is a different prospect from actively building or fixing something online.

Just as actively working in the field is nothing to be afraid of (its just different, like a practice game versus a real match), so too it is hard to know where to start when you’ve got a portfolio ready to show given the many hosting options online. If this sounds like you may the following serve as three options for your first launch going forward.… Click to continue reading

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Domino’s Rise as Eagle Boys Fall: An End to Australia’s Independent Pizza Shop?

Disclaimer: This article is informative in purpose and does not constitute financial advice.  The author urges you to obtain professional advice before pursuing any financial investment.


‘The Lucky Country’ is not just a saying

As a nation, Australia is something of a fascinating fishbowl when it comes to the study of economic policy. The stunning fact that belies so much about the Great Southern Land is with around just 25 million people its total population is smaller than single US states like California or Texas, and though many fellow Asian nations – like Indonesia, South Korea and Japan – are smaller in land size, they hold a greater population.

Notwithstanding this though, both the Australian nation as a whole and its citizens personally have long enjoyed a high standard of living and high level of personal wealth AKA the ‘Middle Class Success Story’.

Australia has at times achieved remarkable feats in the global economy – such as having the GFC by and large bypass out shores as it wreaked havoc on other world economies – while also oftentimes leaving Australia consumers subject to questionable charges that may not fly elsewhere; such as Adobe’s long held double cost for Australia Click to continue reading

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Where to Start when Starting in Photography: 3 Cameras to Use

You’ve been bitten by the photography bug. Sure, just like anyone else you’ve got a camera on your phone, and have been known to snap a good selfie or two. But now; it something more.

You find yourself taking longer to get the right shot at a party, stopping midway through your day to snap a pretty vista – and you are making no friends by critiquing the lighting and framing of pics on your Facebook wall – it is now time to get serious about your photography love.

Yet, when you decide to make a start in the field it can quickly leave you uncertain. You know you want to snap pictures around where you live (and maybe around the globe in one of the world’s great citiesbut all the options on offer leaves you feeling overwhelmed. If this sounds like you may the following be as a useful guide for making a start in photography.Click to continue reading

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Melbourne: 5 Years as the World’s Most Liveable City (and 5 Books to Explain It)


For 5 years in a row Melbourne has been named by The Economist magazines annual survey as the World’s Most Liveable City. While Melburnians as a rule have long aspired to function over decoration – for this title is wonderful but unlikely to happily cited if stuck in traffic on the Westgate – yet is nonetheless affirmation the city is one of opportunity, diversity, and lifestyle; and surely a quiet point of pride for any Melburnians who travel beyond Greater Melbourne.

News this week then that Melbourne could stand to lose its title when the rankings are announced next week generated much discussion. It may be a new headline but in another respect is not news. Melbourne is not perfect, and it is a city that has problems.

This is not a derision but instead just acknowledgement that there is always more to do – and resting on our laurels has surely never been the Melburnian nor Australian way. Just as a generations of great Australian swimmers have seared through the swimming pool and rewritten records books in prior Olympics so too do we cheer the Campbell sisters in Rio right now on their gold and new World RecordClick to continue reading

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Video games that are Art: the Arcades and Handhelds (Part 3)

Landmark games can certainly boast rich visuals. Undoubtedly, they can have a story that inspires or harrows the heart. So too though, are great games focal points of conversation. Just like the noted mid-70’s pet rock gimmick, beyond aesthetics of purpose alone a good game that grows discussion in pop culture is assuredly a standout.

So, the indie hits have been examined, and the epics detailed; now here are 7 games in the vein of ‘easy start’ and ‘pick up and play’ that have nonetheless held a huge impact on video games and pop culture beyond it.

Another World

Any game that begins with a genius physicist driving underground to a lab in his classic Ferrari is unlikely to be one that’ll end up in the ‘so-so’ pile. First released in 1991 and now available for smartphone, Another World finds protagonist Lester Knight Chaykin teleported from his otherwise happy Ferrari-driving existence into a barren and lonely planet.

How he got there is clear – particle accelerators are temperamental things – but how he gets out is a whole new matter entirely. Thus, the stage for  this iconic side-scroller. Beyond gameplay and story alone though, the cinematic and rich visualisations … Click to continue reading

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A Legal Stop to Pokemon Go? 3 Issues in Law that Surround the Global Gaming Hit

Disclaimer: This article is informative in purpose and does not constitute legal advice.  The author urges you to obtain professional legal advice before pursuing any litigation.

OK. Lest the pitchforks and angry comments start coming (both of them hurt, just…in ‘different’ ways) let’s be clear and direct off the bat: Pokemon Go is a tremendous achievement in video games.

A generation or two ago the revelation in gaming was Pokemon Stadium – a Nintendo 64 game that took Pokemon from the prior (but rich) confines of 2D on Game Boy and realised the world created by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori in glorious 3D. Suffice to say then, it’s a huge and commendable step up to now have the franchise boasting a title in augmented reality (aka VR).

Pokemon Go is a wonderful achievement in gaming and tech – and though this author couldn’t be classified as an active user of the game – nonetheless he appreciates and admires its innovation.

Notwithstanding this though, the Pokemon GO ‘experience’ as it stands at currently resides within a number of areas under law that are either ambiguous, uncertain, untested – or potentially all 3. This is as while the game is hugely Click to continue reading

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